Reviews are always a complicated matter, as a restaurant owner or manager, you are well aware that reviews can make or break your business.

Problem is, unhappy customers, and yes…. that can happen, have the click easy after their experience… They will be more inclined than happy customers, once back home, to go to the google review page and leave a bad review that is not always written in good faith.
Happy customers, often most of them, have had a good time but they often forget “thanking” the staff or the owner by leaving a good review. It’s human nature and there is not much one can do about it.

Or is there ??

Well… the Zaags’ app allows you to ask your happy customers for a review “on the fly”, and trust us, if you do it well, they will leave you a good review right away. 
Your Zaags’ app just helps make the process easy: a QR code scanned,  a click the icon “leave a review” and there you are. 
And that’s not all: your zaags app does so much more. 
Go to and discover all the features!

Want an example ?



Cafe da Gema, in Lisbon, had been open for two years and was stalling at 50 reviews. It’s not a big place but it’s charming. 


The owner, a Brazilian guy named Gabriel, will do anything to please you, his Caipirinha cocktails are a must-try…


From the day he started using his Zaags QR code, he jumped in less than 2 months to over 80 reviews and guess what ? 


                 all were 5 stars.


His coffee-shop is now going up in rankings, his clientele is coming from further away and business is booming ! Go and ask him what he thinks of his Zaags app, we’re sure you have guessed !


Gabriel is all smiles !!

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