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How To Grow Your Business With A Simple Click

And transform your customer experience.

The application that makes life easier for you and your staff

Improve your customer experience and multiply your bookings in no time!

Dear restaurateur friend,
We hear you.

With all you have to do, from booking to managing a team, from keeping the kitchen running to satisfying your customers, you just don't know where to turn.,

What if we had a way of simplifying your life with a simple app?
An app that your customers could download that centralized all your services, and that also allowed your customers to centralize theirs?

it would kill two birds with one stone!

Your staff would no longer be bothered going back and forth between tables to answer questions, and on the other hand, your customers would have the satisfaction of having a personalized app free of charge, enabling them to combine all their applications into a single one.

One App,
Your App,
For Everything

All Your Digital Services
At The Reach Of
A Simple QR Code.

...And Many Other Things
You had Not Thought About!

A Must For Your Restaurant!

All The Information Your Customers Need In One Place

Your Menu

Easily insert the link to you existing menu page or insert your new blackboard photo. And Voilà!

Wi-Fi Easy Access

Update your Wi-Fi details in the app, your staff will not need to repeat the details to customers - they will just have all for a fast connection

Get Ratings

Increase your clients' satisfaction by letting them give you their feedback and offer them some extras in return!

Social Networks

Increase your followers by giving your customers an easy access to your pages & accounts.

Share Directions

Help your customers friends find your table, send them the directions with a quick whatsapp message.

Get Bookings

Even when your customers are on premises they could be tempted to book for another day. don't miss the opportunity

Did You Know?

99% of Smartphones
have Camera Embedded
or QR Scanners

Efficiency Booster

So many customer requests make your staff lose time

Like … “can I have your wifi password ?”

Your customers will love to be able to get so many of your services at the tap of a phone screen !

the QRcode is the obvious solution, and you only need ONE


Design Your App in Seconds!

Choose your preferred design, colors & background image, and Voilà!


Register with minimal details


Register with minimal details


Select icons & services


Print your QR code

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