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your customers need
in ONE place

You are in TOTAL control

activate or  de-activate  the icons & their functionalities at a press-of-a-button





To help you get customers details
Make an icon “locked”
Your customer must login to access the function and accept to leave his details



Your Menu

If you run a restaurant, that's a must ! easily insert the link to you existing menu page or insert your new blackboard photo.
Our designers can help you design your menu and make regular changes when prices are updated

Wi-Fi easy access

Update your Wi-Fi details in the app, your staff will not need to repeat the details to customers - they will just have all for a fast connection

Get ratings​

Ratings are read ! they can make a difference when prospective customers check your business. Avoid getting bad ones by directing the very satisfied tones towards the ratings that count and the others to a nice way to suggest to you, and you only, what they think could be improved.​

Social networks

Make sure customers follow you on social networks by giving them an easy access to your pages & accounts We support the most famous ones

Share directions

Help your customers friends find your business, send the google map or waze directions with a quick whatsapp message

Get bookings

Even when your customers are on premises they could be tempted to book for another day.
don't miss the opportunity


You can easily allow your customers to join a mailing list, for instance you can offer to send them you daily "dish of the day" - a nice offer for them, some important information for you.


No more missed opportunities for your customers, you organise regular events ? they want to know about them and you want to ensure they get notified ? simple, let them subscribe

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